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Awards season has started out with a bang. Bedazzled Ink is proud to have four books as Finalists and one book as an Honorable Mention for The Rainbow Awards. The Finalists are: Aftermath by A... more
Casey · Oct 1 '13
No publisher intentionally puts out a book full of errors, and it can only mean there was a breakdown in the production process. It happens, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay wrong. The productio... more
Casey · Sep 4 '13
Last January, we were sitting at our table at the annual Xena Convention. The combination of low attendance this year and more and more people buying only ebooks made for a very boring and unsuccessfu... more
Casey · Aug 8 '13

Binkie's Brewpub

Ye Olde Answer: The Well of Loneliness. Oh... More
Benny Lawrence · Aug 5 '13
I learned something this past weekend. You can... More
Claudia · Jul 8 '13
We make the effort to follow several... More
Casey · Jul 7 '13
a while is a noun that means time or ... More
Casey · Jun 29 '13
I'd rather see other kinds of bucks passed to me.
Casey · Jun 28 '13

Snapshots taped to the bar mirror